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Electronics and IT have long been a pivotal factor in Angers’ local economy. So much so that the region has been awarded French Tech status in the “IoT and manufacturing” category.

Angers has been awarded French Tech status in the “IoT and manufacturing” category: this accreditation bears witness to the region’s thriving economy and expertise in the digital arena.

Angers has an entire digital and electronics ecosystem. Everything is possible here: studying, inventing, making, testing, and getting to market, whether it’s for products, machines, software or services.

The Wise Factory

Under the umbrella of its French Tech status, the region has a “totem” site entirely dedicated to the Internet of Things – the Wise Factory. The Factory houses a unique type of set up: the Cité de l’Objet Connecté, an industry accelerator which provides innovative or IoT-focused businesses designing new products and services with the swift development solutions they need.

We Network and the electronics campus

Angers is home to the We Network cluster comprising 700 names in the electronics industry in the West of France. We Network runs an electronics campus with a strong international ethos. Some of the biggest and most innovative academic networks in France are based in Angers, including several internationally-reputed schools of engineering and research labs.