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Angers’ local economy

At the heart of an urban area with 400,000 residents, Angers is the second largest metropolitan area and the geographical centre of the Pays de la Loire, one of the most vibrant regions of France.

Angers Loire Métropole is geared up to business and has an extremely diverse economy. No single sector accounts for more than 10% of local employment. Such diversity means that Angers has several fields of excellence and creates a valuable ecosystem for businesses.

Businesses here enjoy a ready supply of all the skills they need to help them grow. The local region has undergone significant employment growth over recent decades, with 35,000 jobs being created since 1990.

> The plant and digital sectors leading the game

Angers’ local economy is largely fed by its traditional sectors. The region has the largest horticultural activity in France. The plant sector here is reputed for excellence and innovation, and Angers is home to Végépolys, a global centre of excellence in the field.

Another area of excellence which is gathering speed is the digital sector. Angers has a long history of electronics expertise and a host of know-how in linking industries, digital enterprise and start-ups, and the local region is a member of the French Tech IoT and Manufacturing network. Against such a dynamic regional backdrop, an entire economic and academic ecosystem is working towards strengthening entrepreneurial initiatives to move the region into the digital sector.

> Tertiary capital

Angers is also a forerunner in the tertiary sector, and home to all the biggest insurance companies. New business districts are currently being built to cater to their requirements.

> Health, manufacturing and logistics

Health is another booming sector for the region, with researchers and companies at the cutting edge of biotechnologies. There are also a number of leading industrial subcontractors in the metalworks and precision engineering sectors. Added to this, Angers’ geographic location makes it a central logistics hub.