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Higher education & research

With 43,000 students, Angers is the 3rd largest academic city in Great West France and just keeps on growing.

Angers is the fifth biggest student town in France in terms of the ratio of students to the general population.The growth of the student population here is impressive. In 2000, there were only 29,000 students in Angers. The figure has risen by 34% since then, compared to 26% at regional level and 18% at national level.

Here, you can download booklet of hignher education & research in Angers metropolitan area.

> 18 higher education institutions

This boom is first and foremost due to the quality of the education provided. In 2022, L’Etudiant magazine ranked Angers 4th french city for the wide range of higher education programmes.

In France, University of Angers ranks 1st in the number of students completing a Bachelor’s degree.

There are eighteen higher education institutions here, including seven engineering schools specialising in agronomics and electronics.

See the map below for all the higher education establishments in Angers displayed by category.

> A great place to study

Angers’ higher education institutions have their finger on the pulse of the job market. The quality of life here is one of the reasons it’s so popular with students: Angers consistently scoops a place on the podium as one of the best places to study.

Another reason is the increasingly international outlook adopted by local schools and universities; many of them offer joint or dual degrees with universities in other countries, and their drive and enthusiasm for creating special facilities, structures and events, such as the Confucius Institute or Campus Day.

> Bridging higher education and research

As you may expect, there are many opportunities which bridge higher education and research. The region’s expertise is reflected in all forms of research, training and innovation, and Angers’ main fields of research are structured accordingly.

Four sectors that particularly stand out have been incorporated into the region’s Research-Training-Innovation programmes: plant science, electronics, tourism and organic materials. Angers is also a pioneer in the Health sector, more specifically in nanomedicine.

> Research alliances

Medical researchers and plant science researchers have each joined forces under the same roof; at the Institut de Biologie en Santé for health research, and at the Plant Science Campus for latter.

In the general sphere of research, there are 55 accredited laboratories in Angers, and 14 of them are affiliated with major national research organisations (CEA Tech, CNRS, Inserm, INVS and INRA).